Who voices Lana? (2024)

Who voices Lana?

Too Hot To Handle: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Desiree Birch, Voice Of Lana The Virtual Host. It's time for fans of Too Hot To Handle's virtual host Lana to meet the woman behind the voice, hilarious comedian Desiree Burch.

Who is Lana's voice on Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot to Handle was produced by Fremantle production company Talkback. The show, instead of using a human as their host, used a virtual assistant named Lana. Desiree Burch provided voice-over narration, making snarky and comedic remarks towards the contestants.

Who is the voice of Lana robot?

Instead of being voiced by one woman like her fellow speaking machines, Lana is voiced by an entire team of people. Lana was made specially to host THTH, with her voice produced by a group of experts.

Who is Too Hot To Handle narrator?

"Too Hot To Handle" narrator Desiree Burch spoke to Insider about coming up with jokes for the show. She revealed that the show's jokes are predominantly written by British writers.

Who is in season 5 Too Hot To Handle?

Cast memberAgeResidence
Louis Russell20Hampshire, England
Megan Thomson26Cambridge, England
Trey Rodgers22Chicago, U.S.
Yazmin Marziali25Toronto, Canada
10 more rows

Is Lana a real AI Too Hot To Handle?

Lana is exclusive to Too Hot To Handle. So no you can't download, install or purchase Lana, since it does not exist. It is just a speaker that was developed for the sole purpose of the show.

How fake is Too Hot To Handle?

Nicole interviewed with Collider in 2020, saying that everything in the show is 100% authentic. According to her, Too Hot To Handle is filmed for a month and then edited into ten episodes. It's probable that the uninteresting stuff is left on the editing floor.

How old is Lana on The Voice?

The Voice Season 22 has been blowing us away with some amazing Blind Auditions. In the October 3 episode, 30-year-old Lana Love sang a gorgeous and ethereal version of Mandy Moore's classic pop tune “Candy.” And it wowed the Coaches.

What is the Lana cone?

Akin to Siri and Alexa, Lana is a personalized speaker in the shape of a cone that shells out info about the THTH rules. During each episode, she tells the sexy singles everything they need to know, and where they stand regarding the prize money.

What does a cone mean on too hot to handle?

Lana is white, cone-shaped robot with a purpley, blueish light that turns on whenever she wants to speak to the cast. She's touted as the constructor of the relationship "retreat" where there's a ban on sexual touching so that contestants can get to know one another better from the inside out.

Who is the voice of Too Hot To Handle Season 4?

Too Hot to Handle Narrator Desiree Burch Is the Show's True Star.

Who is Harry and girl from Too Hot To Handle?

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago first stepped into the spotlight on Too Hot to Handle season 1. They quickly coupled up and broke the show's strict rules against physical contact. Their indiscretion lost the entire cast $32,000 in prize money, but Farago and Jowsey won it back by the finale.

Are Steven and Georgia together?

Georgia, who was extremely popular during her time at the retreat, says, though they didn't end up together at the end of the show, there's still hope for e-boy Stevan. “I have the strongest connection with Stev,” she says.

Who is pregnant Too Hot To Handle?

Netflix's Too Hot To Handle season 4 contestant, Imogen Ewan, announced her pregnancy on Christmas via her Instagram.

Who is the most beautiful girl in Too Hot To Handle?

Each Thth season has introduced one woman who attracts the most attention, though there's often another female whom many men in the house seek out. Francesca Farago lapped attention during Thth season 1 due to her smoldering good looks, while Emily Miller pulled ahead to become the breakout star of the second season.

Who got married from Too Hot To Handle?

He left PEOPLE in 2023. Too Hot to Handle and Love Island are celebrating an off-camera match made in heaven after two of their own tied the knot. A source tells PEOPLE that reality stars Carly Lawrence and Bennett Sipes got married Friday at True Love Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles after a few months of dating.

Are Elys and Alex still together?

Elys and Alex's relationship didn't last outside of the show due to the challenges of long-distance and their busy schedules. Despite the breakup, Elys and Alex remain on good terms and leave comments on each other's Instagram pages.

Why did Lana deactivate her Instagram?

“That is simply because I have so many interests, and other jobs I'm doing that require privacy and transparency.” The 'Blue Jeans' singer assured fans she will continue to work on her music, poetry and spoken word albums, but is also “going on some different endeavours”.

Are Harry and Francesca still together?

They were probably one of the most popular couples to come from Too Hot To Handle so far. While Harry and Francesca had an on-and-off-again relationship, the two are not together anymore.

Do they eat on Too Hot To Handle?

The contestants didn't have to cook any of their own food.

Throughout the season, there was never any footage of the contestants eating an actual meal. David told Cosmo they didn't have to do any of their own cooking in the villa, and meals were an opportunity to hang out and bond without the cameras.

Do the guests know they are on Too Hot To Handle?

Those who end up on Too Hot To Handle don't know that they are going on the show. That may seem utterly bizarre, but the contestants usually sign up for different series, with the surprise reveal taking them completely off guard. This might not be the experience that they want.

Can the contestants on Too Hot To Handle drink?

He explained that the contestants were only permitted a two-drink limit. Harry spilled about their drink allowance when asked about what his plans for a reunion with the cast entailed. Harry joked: “Just drink plenty of alcohol because we didn't get much on the show. Two drinks a day doesn't get you drunk.”

Who is the 13-year-old on The Voice?

Thirteen-Year-Old Julia Roome Performs Sia's "Unstoppable" FlawlesslyThe Voice KnockoutsNBC. Julia Roome performs Sia's "Unstoppable" during The Voice Knockouts. Watch The Voice Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC and streaming next day on Peaco*ck.

Who is the 12 year old The Voice girl?

If you watch The Voice, you would have witnessed young powerhouse, Gezel Bardossi, sing the house down with her rendition of 'Chain of Fools' by Aretha Franklin. “I can't believe you're so young,” said Jason Derulo, who was one of four judges to turn their chairs after hearing the 12-year-old sing.

Has there ever been a 13-year-old on The Voice?

In the latest season of the highly-anticipated talent show, The Voice, a young star has taken the stage by storm. Meet Warwick's own Julia Roome, a 13-year-old vocal powerhouse, whose extraordinary audition during the Blind Auditions has captured the hearts of both the audience and the judges.


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