What is the most popular airline in Argentina? (2024)

What is the most popular airline in Argentina?

Aerolíneas Argentinas

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Aerolíneas Argentinas, formally Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A., is the state-owned flag carrier of Argentina, and the country's largest airline.
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is the largest and national airline of Argentina.

What is the main airline in Argentina?

Founded in 1950, Aerolíneas Argentinas is the leader in South America and has been a member of the global SkyTeam Alliance since 2012. It offers flights to 20 international destinations in America and Europe, in addition to 37 destinations throughout Argentina.

Which airline is best in Argentina?

LAN Argentina

By far the most efficient of all airlines not only in Argentina but in South America. They have friendly staff of every flight willing to are on time the majority of the time as well.

What is the flagship airline of Argentina?

Aerolíneas Argentinas is Argentina's largest airline and the country's flag carrier. It is based at Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires. Aerolíneas Argentinas flies to over 50 destinations in 13 countries.

Which airline is best in South America?

Here are the top airlines in Latin America for the category Best Airline.
  • Copa Airlines. 77.5 % ...
  • Avianca. 77.4 % ...
  • LATAM Airlines. 74.0 % ...
  • GOL. 72.7 % ...
  • Aeromexico. 72.3 % ...
  • Bahamasair. 72.2 % ...
  • Caribbean Airlines. 69.9 % "I love flying with Caribbean Airlines." ...
  • Aerolineas Argentinas. 69.3 % "Will fly Aerolineas Argentinas again!"

What is the safest airline in Argentina?

As of June 2023, Aviation Safety Network records 47 accidents or incidents for Aerolíneas Argentinas since it started operations in 1950. The company ranks among the safest airlines in the world.

Why is flying to Argentina so expensive?

Summary. Flights from the US to Southern South America are expensive due to scheduling difficulties. Some airlines have adjusted flight schedules to reduce idle time, but this can lead to inconvenient arrival times for travelers.

Is Aerolineas Argentinas safe?

The latest accident involving fatalities took place in 1970. The company ranks among the safest airlines in the world.

Are flights in Argentina expensive?

Argentina is the only Latin American country that sets a state-mandated minimum fair for flights, meaning domestic air travel is traditionally expensive and non-competitive.

What airlines fly domestically in Argentina?

The following airlines are operating domestic flights in Argentina: Aerolineas Argentinas, and Austral are both national airlines with an extensive network. Andes Lineas is a mid-price range airline with a limited domestic network. Then we have low-cost airlines active in Argentina: FlyBondi and JetSmart.

What is the budget airline in Argentina?

Flybondi, or FB Líneas Aéreas, is an Argentinian low-cost airline based in Cordoba and prides itself in being the first low-cost airline in the country. All of the airline's aircraft were registered in Argentina. Another airlines that flies within Argentina is Aerolíneas Argentinas.

What is the largest airline in South America?

LATAM is Latin America's leading airline group, with presence in five domestic markets in South America: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, along with international operations within Latin America and to Europe, US and the Caribbean.

Can you fly from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls?

Undoubtedly, the best option for international tourists who want to save travel time is to fly from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls. Flying is the fastest and most convenient way to reach Iguazu, and there are several airlines that offer regular flights between Buenos Aires and Iguazu.

What is the safest airline in Latin America?

LATAM is rated as the airline group with the highest safety and hygiene standard in Latin America.

Is LATAM a good airline to fly?

Passenger reviews on LATAM (LA)

LATAM is a Chilean carrier. Frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 7.2/10.

What is the world's nicest airline?

Top 10 best international airlines 2023

In the past, Singapore Airlines was voted Skytrax World's Best Airline Cabin and this year, it ranked as the Best Airline for the fifth time as well as the Best First Class Airline. Skytrax has rated it as a five-star airline. The airline services over 34 countries.

Are Latin American airlines safe?

The website AirlineRatings.com judges South America's largest carriers to be among the safest in the world.

Is Copa Airlines a safe airline?

COPA Airlines is a popular airline based in Panama City, Panama, that has been serving passengers since 1947. The airline is known for its excellent service and safety record, making it a popular choice for travellers. COPA Airlines operates in more than 80 destinations across North, Central, and South America.

Can I use US dollars in Argentina?

Money. The national currency is the Argentine peso. Many vendors will accept Euros or US dollars but the exchange rate won't be great so it's best to pay in local pesos.

Do they speak English in Argentina?

While Argentina's official language is Spanish, Argentina has enjoyed so much international migration that Arabic, Italian, German, English, and French are also spoken—at least in pockets throughout the country. There are also over one million speakers of various tribal languages, including Quecha and Guaraní.

What is the cheapest time to fly to Argentina?

Good to know
Low seasonMay
High seasonDecember
Cheapest flight$257

Where to avoid in Argentina?

Violent crimes are common in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Mendoza tourist areas. These include armed robbery and express kidnapping. Only use ATMs in banks and shopping centres and try to avoid them after dark. If you're held up, don't resist.

Is Argentina safe for female travelers?

Argentina is generally a safe country for women traveling alone, but it's always advised to take precautions.

Is the food safe in Argentina?

Salads and fruit are fine to eat, even if they have been washed, but only in big cities. In more remote places, avoid anything that could have been washed as the water here isn't drinkable. As always, if food doesn't look or smell right, or might have been left out in the sun for too long then stay away from it.

Is Argentina cheaper than USA?

Cost of Living and Housing

According to numbeo.com, the cost of living in Argentina is approximately 85% less than in the U.S. All told, a couple can expect to live comfortably on $1,500 to $1,800 per month.


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