What is the crime rate in Tennessee? (2024)

What is the crime rate in Tennessee?

In 2021, 47,055 violent crimes and 159,335 property crimes were reported to law enforcement in Tennessee. The chance of experiencing violent crime was 1 in 148, and the chance of losing property to a criminal was 1 in 44. This is why many Tennessee residents install sophisticated home and vehicle security systems.

What is the most common crime in Tennessee?

What Are the Top Five Crimes Committed in Tennessee?
  • Simple Assault. There are two levels of assault, with simple assault being a less serious crime. ...
  • Destruction of Property. ...
  • Shoplifting. ...
  • Burglary. ...
  • Aggravated Assault. ...
  • Call a Knoxville, TN Criminal Defense Lawyer.
May 1, 2020

What city in Tennessee has the highest crime rate?

1. Dyersburg. The most dangerous city in Tennessee is Dyersburg, which has a population of 16,164 and a crime rate that is 244% higher than the national average. The total crime rate in Dyersburg is 8,073 per 100,000, with residents having a 1 in 13 chance of becoming the victim of any type of crime.

What is the safest place to live in Tennessee?

Safest Places to Live in Tennessee
  1. Brentwood. Photo Credit: Canva. ...
  2. Oakland. Oakland, a small town of 8,107 residents with a close-knit community, has a relatively low violent crime rate of 37 per 100,000 inhabitants. ...
  3. Collegedale. ...
  4. Spring Hill. ...
  5. Nolensville. ...
  6. Germantown. ...
  7. Kingston. ...
  8. Collierville.

Which state has the lowest crime rate?

Maine saw the lowest rate of violent crime in the FBI's data (109 per 100,000 in 2020), while Alaska saw the highest (838 per 100,000). Massachusetts saw the lowest rate of property crime in the U.S. (1,053 per 100,000), while Louisiana saw the highest (2,884 per 100,000).

What are the dangers of living in Tennessee?

Tennessee Threats
  • Earthquake. Wildfire. Geologic. Hazardous Materials Release. Critical Infrastructure.
  • Flood. Extreme Temperatures. Communicable Diseases. Terrorism.
  • Tornado. Severe Weather. Drought. Dam/Levee Failure.

Why is the crime rate so high in Tennessee?

Recidivism a Leading Problem in Tennessee

Speaking of recidivism, one of the reasons why the crime rate is so high in Tennessee isn't entirely because new people commit crimes but because people who have committed crimes and served time in the past continue to commit new crimes and become re-incarcerated.

Where is the poorest town in Tennessee?

According to the site, the poorest town in Tennessee is Jamestown. With a population of around 2,000, this small East Tennessee town has a median household of just $18,000 and median home value of $68,100, compared to the state average of $58,516 and $193,700, respectively.

Where is the cheapest place to live in TN?

#1: Memphis

With a median home sale price of $220,150, Memphis is the most affordable place to live in Tennessee. There are about 633,100 residents living in this mid-sized city.

What is the number one city to live in in Tennessee?

Kicking off our list as one of the best places to live in Tennessee is Nashville. Sure, we're a little biased here since this is our town—but seriously, this city is full of life! Smack dab in the middle of Tennessee, the Nashville metro includes surrounding hot spots like Davidson County, Franklin and Murfreesboro.

Is TN a Democrat or Republican state?

Tennessee's politics are currently dominated by the Republican Party.

What part of Tennessee is good to live?

Chattanooga. Set along the Tennessee River and with the Appalachian Mountains in the background, Chattanooga is pleasingly scenic. The mid-size city is home to about 183,000 residents, and it has all the urban amenities you could want while still managing to feel like a laid-back small town.

What is the 1 safest state in America?


Which state has the most homicides?

California reported the largest number of homicides to the FBI in 2022, at 2,197 for the year. Texas recorded the second-highest number of murders, with 2,020 for the year.

What states are the not safest?

These 20 states are the least-safe in the US, according to WalletHub.
  1. Louisiana. Shreveport, Louisiana.
  2. Mississippi. Jackson, Mississippi. ...
  3. Arkansas. Little Rock, Arkansas. ...
  4. Texas. Houston, Texas. ...
  5. Florida. Tampa, Florida. ...
  6. Alabama. Birmingham, Alabama. ...
  7. Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ...
  8. Colorado. Vail, Colorado. ...
Nov 16, 2023

How much do you need to live comfortably in TN?

Total yearly personal consumption cost is $42,469, on average, according to 2021 data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis . Here's what you can expect to spend across major purchasing categories. That translates to $3,539 in average monthly expenses for a Tennessean.

What do I need to know before moving to Tennessee?

15 Things to Know Before Moving to Tennessee
  • It's best if you don't move to Tennessee in the summer. ...
  • Tennessee doesn't tax personal income. ...
  • Tennessee is a great place for music-lovers. ...
  • Tennessee whiskey is in a category of its own. ...
  • Tennessee has serious literary chops. ...
  • Festivals and fairs are big in Tennessee.
Apr 20, 2022

Is it a good idea to move to Tennessee?

Over the last 20 years, Tennessee has enjoyed an impressive rate of population growth. Low tax rates, living costs, and high quality of life have kept people on the move to Tennessee. It's not a perfect place, but for the price, Tennessee is about as good as one can get.

What are negative things about Tennessee?

Comparison of the Pros & Cons of Living in Tennessee
The scenic beauty of the stateSky-high crime rate
The low cost of living in TennesseeThe summer heat and humidity
Mild wintersEmbarrassingly low wages
Affordable homes + low property taxesLife expectancy is low
4 more rows
Dec 7, 2023

Is Tennessee a healthy state to live in?

Eight of the top 10 least healthy states are in the South: West Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Five of the top 10 healthiest states are on the East Coast: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire and New York.

Has crime increased in Tennessee?

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported incidents of murder, rape, and kidnapping decreased by double digits last year. Data that could shed light on the number of imprisoned people who received lengthier sentences as a result of last year's truth-in-sentencing law was not immediately available last week.

What is the top secret town in Tennessee?

That's because this secret WAS an entire city. A city that didn't exist when Pearl Harbor was bombed and was built entirely by the government in 1942: Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Before 1942, Oak Ridge looked like the landscape often seen in East Tennessee: large plots of land with many hills and valleys.

Where do rich people hang out in Tennessee?

We'll go ahead and tell you now that the Green Hills neighborhood is a great place to bump into a star. The area is affluent and full of character attracting the rich and famous. Whole Foods has had celebrity sightings like Steven Tyler, Nashville's Connie Britton, and Taylor Swift.

Where do millionaires live in Tennessee?

1. Brentwood. The richest city in Tennessee is Brentwood. A suburb of Nashville, this city is home to about 45,000 people and is beloved for its picturesque neighborhoods, well-maintained parks, and quick access to local entertainment.

Why are Tennessee homes so cheap?

Low cost of living: Tennessee has no state income tax, and property taxes are also relatively low. This makes Tennessee a desirable place to live, and it helps to keep land prices affordable. Growing economy: The economy in Tennessee is growing, and this has led to job growth and population growth.


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