What does Bonitas cover? (2024)

What does Bonitas cover?

Overall Day-to-Day Limits on the Bonitas Standard Plan. The day-to-day benefits provide cover for GP and specialist consultations, acute medicine, X-rays, blood tests, and other out-of-hospital medical expenses up to the overall day-to-day limit, subject to the category-specific sub-limit.

What does Bonitas Standard cover?


These benefits provide cover for consultations with your specialist, acute medicine, X-rays, blood tests and other out-of-hospital medical expenses.

What chronic conditions does Bonitas cover?

Addison's DiseaseDysrythmias
Chronic Renal DiseaseMultiple Sclerosis (MS)
Coronary Artery DiseaseParkinson's Disease
Crohn's DiseaseRheumatoid Arthritis
Diabetes InsipidusSchizophrenia
12 more rows

What are the benefits of Bonitas primary option?

Bonitas Primary Plan Overview

The Bonitas Primary Plan starts from R2,792 and includes cover for maternity, in- and out-of-hospital, international travel, PMBs, and more. Gap Cover is available on the Bonitas Primary Plan, along with 24/7 medical emergency assistance.

How much is bonitas medical?

What You Get
Monthly Contribution:R8 990R1 830
Savings:R19 914R4 050
Self-Payment Gap:R4 650R1 760
Above threshold benefit:UnlimitedUnlimited

Does Bonitas cover chronic medication?

We offer a range of Managed Care Programmes to support our members and help put them on the path to good health. These cover a range of concerns including chronic medicine and diabetes to help you get the best possible care and make your benefits last.

What is the cheapest medical aid?

Best Medical Aids under R500 (2023)
Medical Aid✔️ Offers Medical Aid Plan Under R500?⚕️ Monthly Premium
1. Momentum HealthYesFrom R500
2. NetCareYesFrom R500
3. FedhealthYesFrom R500
4. Discovery HealthYesFrom R500
1 more row

What is the difference between Bonitas standard and standard select?


What is considered a chronic disability?

A chronic illness is a long-lasting health concern that may be present for an individual's lifetime, such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, or fibromyalgia. A disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

What would be considered a chronic medical condition?

Chronic diseases are defined broadly as conditions that last 1 year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States.

What medical aid is the best?

Best Medical Aid Schemes (Complete List 2023)
Medical Aid✔️ Plans Under R1500?⚕️ Plan Offered
🥇 Discovery Health☑️Yes💙KeyCare Series
🥈Bonitas Medical Aid☑️Yes💙BonEssential Hospital Plan
🥉 Momentum Medical Aid☑️Yes💙Evolve Option
4. Medihelp Medical Aid☑️Yes💙Vital Plan
6 more rows

What does Bonitas BonCap cover?

The BonCap plan covers in-hospital treatments, including hospital accommodation, theatre costs, and medication. It also provides limited day-to-day benefits, such as GP and specialist consultations, prescribed medication, and basic radiology and pathology.

How do I cancel my Bonitas medical aid?

1 A member may terminate his membership of the Scheme on giving one month's written notice. All rights to benefits cease after the last day of membership. 12.2. 3 Should all employers participating in the Scheme simultaneously give written notice in terms of rule 12.2.

What are the changes in Bonitas 2023?

We have restructured our options to include a wider hospital network component. In 2023, 85% of our members will be within a 30km radius of a network hospital - with a presence across all nine provinces in line with the footprint of our member base.

How long is the waiting period for Bonitas medical aid?

3-Month General Waiting Period If you are a private individual that has not joined as part of your employer group, a 3-month general waiting period will apply. During this period you cannot claim for any benefits.

Does Medicare pay for chronic conditions?

If you have 2 or more serious chronic conditions (like arthritis and diabetes) that you expect to last at least a year, Medicare may pay for a health care provider's help to manage your care for those conditions.

How can I get my chronic medication?

Order your medicine seamlessly

Discovery MedXpress is a convenient medicine ordering service for prescribed medicines via SMS, the Discovery website and the mobile app. Get your monthly chronic medicine delivered to your door or collect your medicine in-store at a participating pharmacy at no extra cost to you.

Is cataract surgery a PMB condition?

The short answer is: Yes! Cataracts are a PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefit) condition.

What are the 10 medical costs that Medicare will not cover?

Some of the items and services Medicare doesn't cover include:
  • Long-term care (also called. custodial care. Custodial care. ...
  • Most dental care.
  • Eye exams (for prescription glasses)
  • Dentures.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Routine physical exams.
  • Hearing aids and exams for fitting them.

How much is medical aid per month in South Africa?

Medical aid costs in 2022
Type of medical aidMonthly cost for a family of three
Hospital plan with savingsR8,067 on Medshield MediSaver
Income-based planR8,595 on Fedhealth MyFed on an income of R14,427 and above
Semi-comprehensive planR11,952 on Bonitas BonClassic
ComprehensiveR18,182 on Discovery Executive
1 more row

Which medical plan is the most expensive?

Platinum health insurance is the highest-priced level of health insurance you can buy. You pay expensive monthly premiums. In exchange, you get a low deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, copays and coinsurance. A Platinum health plan will best fit you if you have serious or chronic health concerns.

What is preferred network hospitals?

What is a Preferred Provider Network? Simply put, it is the organisation of medical doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers who come to an agreement with an insurer, or third- party healthcare providers to provide reduced healthcare to the insurer's clients.

What is the difference between value and med on select health?

With Select Value, you generally enjoy lower premiums, but with Select Med you will have a larger network, giving you access to more providers.

What are the 4 main type of permanent disability?

What are Common and different types of Permanent Disabilities?
  • Sensory Disability.
  • Head injury, stroke or acquired brain injury Disability.
  • Psychosocial Disability.
  • Physical Disability.
  • Intellectual Disability.
Apr 19, 2020

What conditions are not considered a disability?

Similarly, traits such as irritability, chronic lateness, and poor judgment are not, in themselves, mental impairments, although they may be linked to mental impairments. Broken limbs, sprains, concussions, appendicitis, common colds, or influenza generally would not be disabilities.


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