Does Bonitas have an app? (2024)

Does Bonitas have an app?

About this app

How does the Bonitas app work?

The app offers a simple, intuitive and more personal way to get information about your plan, benefits and your health. You can use it to: Consult with a doctor through virtual care. See the balance of your savings and other benefits.

What is Bonitas WhatsApp number?

Call : 0800 112 811. SMS : 33490. WhatsApp : 060 070 2491.

What does Bonitas cover?

Bonitas - Standard

Traditional medical aid, ideal for young families and mid-income earners. The Bonitas Standard plan offers semi-comprehensive medical aid cover, including unlimited hospitalisation and benefits for 45 chronic conditions, basic and advanced dentistry, optometry and maternity care.

How much is Bonitas medical aid?

Basic Summary
Monthly contributionR 1703R 750

What is the cheapest medical aid in South Africa 2023?

Best Medical Aids under R500 (2023)
Medical Aid✔️ Offers Medical Aid Plan Under R500?⚕️ Monthly Premium
1. Momentum HealthYesFrom R500
2. NetCareYesFrom R500
3. FedhealthYesFrom R500
4. Discovery HealthYesFrom R500
1 more row

What are the benefits of Bonitas?

Bonitas offers wellness and preventative care benefits on all our plans to help our members lead healthier and happier lives. This includes a free annual screening, flu vaccine, HIV test, mammogram and more.

What chronic conditions does Bonitas cover?

Addison's DiseaseDysrythmias
Chronic Renal DiseaseMultiple Sclerosis (MS)
Coronary Artery DiseaseParkinson's Disease
Crohn's DiseaseRheumatoid Arthritis
Diabetes InsipidusSchizophrenia
12 more rows

What is the best medical aid?

Best Medical Aid Schemes (Complete List 2023)
Medical Aid✔️ Plans Under R1500?⚕️ Plan Offered
🥇 Discovery Health☑️Yes💙KeyCare Series
🥈Bonitas Medical Aid☑️Yes💙BonEssential Hospital Plan
🥉 Momentum Medical Aid☑️Yes💙Evolve Option
4. Medihelp Medical Aid☑️Yes💙Vital Plan
6 more rows

What is the phone number for Bonitas referral?

Your GP can contact the Bonitas Healthcare Professional call centre on 0861 112 666 and register an authorisation for you or they can use the online facility.

What is the cheapest medical aid?

Medical Aid under R1000
  • Fedhealth - FlexiFED SAVVY. ...
  • Health Squared - Foundation. ...
  • Resolution Health - Foundation. ...
  • Momentum - Ingwe Option. ...
  • Momentum - Ingwe-Student Plan.

How do I claim from Bonitas?

  1. Email your claims to
  2. Post your claims to Bonitas Claims Department, PO Box 74, Vereeniging, 1930.
  3. Submit your claims in person at one of our walk-in centres.

What are the benefits of Bonitas primary option?

Bonitas Primary Plan Overview

The Bonitas Primary Plan starts from R2,792 and includes cover for maternity, in- and out-of-hospital, international travel, PMBs, and more. Gap Cover is available on the Bonitas Primary Plan, along with 24/7 medical emergency assistance.

What are the changes in Bonitas 2023?

We have restructured our options to include a wider hospital network component. In 2023, 85% of our members will be within a 30km radius of a network hospital - with a presence across all nine provinces in line with the footprint of our member base.

What is the waiting period for Bonitas?

3-Month General Waiting Period If you are a private individual that has not joined as part of your employer group, a 3-month general waiting period will apply. During this period you cannot claim for any benefits.

Does Bonitas cover chronic medication?

We offer a range of Managed Care Programmes to support our members and help put them on the path to good health. These cover a range of concerns including chronic medicine and diabetes to help you get the best possible care and make your benefits last.

How much should I pay for medical aid in South Africa?

Medical aid costs in 2022
Type of medical aidMonthly cost for a family of three
Hospital plan with savingsR8,067 on Medshield MediSaver
Income-based planR8,595 on Fedhealth MyFed on an income of R14,427 and above
Semi-comprehensive planR11,952 on Bonitas BonClassic
ComprehensiveR18,182 on Discovery Executive
1 more row

Why is medical aid so expensive in South Africa?

Extensive premises, expensive equipment and the appropriate remuneration for highly qualified medical professionals all contribute to the price of providing this vital service. Surprisingly, that price tag is often higher in South Africa than in some far wealthier European countries or the United States.

Which is the biggest medical aid in South Africa?

Discovery Health is South Africa's largest administrator of medical schemes. Discovery Health is the leading medical scheme administrator in South Africa, providing administration and managed care services to over 3.3 million beneficiaries.

What are the benefits of medical aid in South Africa?

Medical aid in South Africa provides financial cover for medical expenses for members who pay a monthly contribution for this cover. These contributions are paid to medical aid schemes (including Discovery Health Medical Scheme) and are pooled and safeguarded.

What does Fedhealth cover?

Hospital plans mainly cover the treatment costs if you're admitted to hospital such as ward costs, theatre fees, and accounts from other in-hospital providers such as anaesthetists or radiologists. Hospital plans also typically cover emergency medical expenses, whether you are admitted to hospital or not.

What is the benefit of Medi?

Via media, children gain access to significant educational, creative, artistic, communication, and recreational opportunities that they would not otherwise have. For example, access to online books, pictures, blogs, documentary films and music enables kids to learn about different cultures around the world.

What is considered a chronic disability?

A chronic illness is a long-lasting health concern that may be present for an individual's lifetime, such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, or fibromyalgia. A disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

Can you get a disability check for chronic illness?

The person applying for benefits will need to show medical documentation that proves they meet those requirements before the SSA will approve their claim. Qualifying for disability benefits with a chronic illness can be difficult, but there are some chronic illnesses that are listed in the Blue Book.

Does Medicare pay for chronic conditions?

If you have 2 or more serious chronic conditions (like arthritis and diabetes) that you expect to last at least a year, Medicare may pay for a health care provider's help to manage your care for those conditions.


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