Beast Tamer Season 2 Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions  (2024)

Beast Tamer Season 2, is it announced already?

Over the years, the fantasy genre has come a long way since its inception in terms of characters and plotlines. Modern technology and artistic rendition have served up some of the best fantasy anime series in recent times.

Every year multiple fantasy-based anime series are released, which try to bring the viewers into a different world filled with magical adventures.

The year 2022 is no different as the anime adaption of Suzu Miyama s’ light novel Beast Tamer tried to capture the viewer s’ interest, imagination, and inquisition.

Beast Tamer is set in a world where unique species of beasts roam around, filled with monstrous strength and magical abilities considered to be at the top of the power chain.

While the beasts harbor immense brawn, they are coveted by humans who seek to capture them as a result, the beast population is on the brink of extinction.

The story follows a beast tamer named Rein Shroud, who can call upon various animals and use their abilities for surveying and traveling. He joins a Hero s’ party, which is led by the evil Arios Orlando but gets cruelly kicked out due to being worthlessness to the group and its cause.

Despite being banished from the part, Rein decides to become an adventurer and sets forth to take the registration test, which involves killing ten goblins.

During the test, he hears a scream from the forest and rushes in to check on the situation but is confronted by a killer tiger who has cornered a cat-eared girl.

Armed with only a knife, Rein tries to attack the beast but fails to penetrate its skin. With no weapons and beasts left to call upon, Rein prepares to accept his fate with the satisfaction of acting as a distraction for the girl to escape.

As the Killer tiger proceeds to attack Rein, the cat-eared girl, with all her remaining strength, slays the beast with one kick. The cat-eared girl is revealed to be Kanade, a member of the strongest and rarest race, the Cat tribe.

Impressed by Rein s’ selfless act, she asks to form a contract with him, and he obliges her to make her his familiar.

The once-expelled beast tamer is now in contract with the strongest race in existence as he sets out on his journey as an adventurer.

As of writing, Beast Tamer is on air, but fans who have enjoyed the first season thus far are wondering whether a second installment will be on the cards.

Keep scrolling as we try to answer that question and bring you all the latest news and updates about Beast Tamer season 2.

Beast Tamer is rated 7/10 and ranked #3947 with 79k members on MyAnimeList.


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Beast Tamer season one premiered on 2nd October 2022 and is scheduled to run for 13 episodes till 25th December 2022.

As of writing, there is no update from studio EMT Squared or the writer on the renewal of Beast Tamers season 2.

Beast Tamers season 12nd October 2022
Beast Tamers season 2Yet to be Announced

Before considering a series for renewal, production studios consider many financial and consumer metrics such as streaming numbers, international revenue, and source material.

Of course, the feedback is another aspect as if the first season wasn’t successful from a creative standpoint, most production studios don’t renew for a second season.

Beast Tamer season one was received with a mixed reception as despite having likable characters, fans noticed the same old clichés and tropes circumventing the main character. Furthermore, Studio EMT Squared isn’t exactly known for producing sequels, with only Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear being renewed since Rainy Cocoa in Hawaii in 2016.

On a positive note, the first season will likely end on volume 2 of the light novel, meaning more than four volumes will be available for Beast Tamer season 2 as source material.

Currently, seven episodes have completed airing, leaving six episodes for the series to make a mark and demand renewal.

If season one ends on high, then, in that case, we can expect the Beast Tamer Season 2 trailer and Beast Tamer Season 2 release date in late 2022.


Beast Tamer Season 2 Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions (2)

Beast Tamer light novel series is written by Suzu Miyama and illustrated by Hotosoka. It began publication on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website on 11th June 2018. Kodansha later acquired the series and began publication on 2nd May 2019.

The light novel has been collected into eight volumes, with the latest issue released on 1st July 2022.

Beast Tamer light novel is ranked #31268 with 281 members on MyAnimeList.

The Beast Tamer manga series is written by Suzu Miyama and illustrated by Moto Shigemura. It began serialization on the Manga UP website on 30th January 2019.

The manga has been collected into seven volumes, with the latest issue released on 7th September 2022.

Beast Tamer manga is rated 6.9/10 and ranked #8922 with 6k members on MyAnimeList.


Beast Tamer Season 2 Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions (3)

Following the battle with the demon tribe, Rein s’ party is declared the Horizon s’ heroes. They decide to look for a base for operations and land on a mansion haunted by a ghost girl, Tina.

Rein and crew decide to avenge Tina s’ death, but behind the scenes, a stalker who is also an assassin while Kanade s’ mother visits to take her back.

Rein s’ group is pointed out to be one-dimensional in strength as they rely entirely on raw physical power. This prompts the entire team to do extra training to cover up for this weakness.

Meanwhile, Pagos village is under attack by a mysterious demon, and Rein s’ team is immediately called for backup by the Adventurer s’ guild.

Beast Tamer Season 2 characters will face double the adventures as battle stakes will be higher.



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Beast Tamer anime is directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa and scripted by Takashi Aoshima. Characters are designed by Shuuhei Yamamoto, and the music is composed by Arisa Okehazama. Animation is produced by Studio EMT Squared, with Hiroshi Tanabe as the chief animator.

You can find the list of Beast Tamer characters and voice cast below:

KanadeAzumi Waki
TaniaRumi Okubo
ReinShōya Chiba
MinaAoi Koga
LeaneAtsumi Tanezaki
AggathDaiki Hamano
LunaMaria Sashide
NinaMarika Kōno
SoraMinami Tanaka
Arios OrlandoNobunaga Shimazaki
StellaRie Takahashi


Beast Tamer Season 2 Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions (5)

Beast Tamer season 2 may look unlikely at the moment, but if the series picks up and ends on high, you never know. There could be a chance.

Beast Tamer Season 2 Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions  (2024)


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